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The Performance Appraisal is often daunting and uncomfortable experience for an employee where they feel they are analysed 'under the microscope'.  Employees tend to view appraisals as a negative experience and may come to a meeting feeling defensive.


Note of Caution


At times Managers will also feel uncomfortable giving an appraisal if they are not trained on techniques, effective communication techniques and listening skills.  In this case, they may resor to a 'tick and flick' approach with a lack of communication or eye contact.  Be aware that these types of negative experiences may invalidate your staff members.


Try to change this view of appraisals by promoting them in a positive way and an opportunity to:  


  • Receive and provide feedback

  • Discuss achievements

  • Reward for job well done

  • New Training and development may be identified

  • Job Rotation, enlargement or advancement

  • Have a confidential discussion with boss

  • Build a spirit of communication and trust



Techniques may include:


  • Informal chats often

  • Self Appraisals, 3, 6 or 12 months

  • 360 degree feedback from people that work directly with staff member, including external parties

  • Supervisor appraisal


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