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Permanent or Contract  


(Fees and Charges)


Position Types - all levels


Executive, Management, Human Resources, Project Management, Education,  Administration, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations


Retention and Description of Services


During the term of an Agreement between the client and Brisbane HR, we will furnish HR specialist recruitment services and advice as specifically requested by Client and/or Client’s Representative.  The services and advice will be relate to work being done or planned by Client in the field of Recruitment, will be within Brisbane HR’s technical competence and will specifically include:




  • Advertising                                         

  • Brisbane HR Database Search                               

  • Interviewing candidates

  • Short-listing candidates              

  • Forward candidates to client  

  • Arrange interview times for both parties

  • Reference Checks  

  • Psychometric Testing (if requested)                   

  • Successful/Unsuccessful correspondence   

  • Letter of Offer/ Employment Contract (optional)



Deliverables Deadlines as below or as agreed


Database Search

1 day

Advertising and receive resumes

2-3 days

Telephone Interview candidates

Same day

Short-listing candidates

Same day

Interview Candidates

2-3 days

Forward candidates to client  

Same day

Arrange interview times for both parties

Same day

Reference Checks

1-2 days

Psychometric Testing

1-2 days

Successful/Unsuccessful correspondence


Letter of Offer (optional)




Under an agreement, the Client will pay Brisbane HR a discounted consulting fee of agreed% commission calculated on total package including: Gross Annual Income of prospective employee including Superannuation and Benefits. Invoice will be submitted on employee new start date.  Payment is due upon receipt and is past due twenty one (14) business days from receipt of invoice. 





Brisbane HR agree to provide a free placement guarantee offering a free of cost service if you are not satisfied with the new employee. This guarantee is only applicable after thirty (30) business days since the new employee’s first working day.  This guarantee is only applicable if it refers to all particulars relating to the initial requirements of the position as per detailed Job Description to Brisbane HR.  Brisbane HR do not take any responsibility where individual’s inability to carry out duties are of mental or physical nature.  This guarantee is only valid for payments received in full within twenty on (14) business days of receipt of invoice


Fees and Charges


For a list of Fees and Charges, email us directly.


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