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This is one of the most fundamental tasks Managers and HR Practioners will undertake.  As the term suggests, Training Needs Analysis is about identifying a current employee's training needs and learning gaps utisiing analytical tools/methods.  TNA's should be undertaken formally and should include both Manager assessment of employee tasks and employee self assessment of tasks.


Good practice is to utilise a current role Job Description and Job Analysis,  make amendments to incorporate role changes. align requirements to organisational/departmental goals and employee career plan, identify learning gaps in consultation and agreeement.  Avoid a broad (general) and informal TNA approach in order to avoid ineffective detailed analysis.  Involve employee discussion to foster employee inclusion and  engagement in the process


Our Process














Identify Job Analysis and Job Description including specs

Review any required role changes, align to org/dept obj

Analyse/discuss/test information with Manager and Employee

Identify Learning Gaps and Needs

Develop Training Plan

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