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The Job Description is a document that should be developed via Job Design and Analysis and reviewed every 6 months to 1 year


How many of us have seen a Job Description that is completely different to the functions, task and responsibilities being performed.  All too often this happens due to it being incorrectly developed in the first stages, not being updated periodically, not having been reviewed via a sound job re-design function, not having been communicated with Supervisor, Line Manager,  Human Resources or employee.


Every organisation role should have a position description for the purpose of:


  • Providing a full picture of the role

  • How it affect/impact on other roles in the organisation

  • how it contribute at a strategic level

  • Outline fully the goals and objectives of the role

  • how it will contribute to the organisation on a strategic level

  • Outline each skill and function required in the role


The Job Decription should be utilised in conjuction with:


  • A performance appraisal

  • For succession planning purposes

  • In accompaniment to a Letter of Offer and Employment Contract

  • At commencement of employment

  • During Job Re-design



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