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Survey Feedback Interventions are a popular way of guaging employee feedback.  Managers and HRM practictioners may use various methods to research staff retention:


  • questionnaires

  • interviews

  • focus groups


The success of survey feedback interventions depends on variables such as:


  • outlining specific information or indicators you are researching

  • outlining the reasons why that specific information is important

  • outlining what the indicators are measuring specifically

  • determining how often you will conduct this type of research

  • determine how you will utilise the information


These variables will have an direct impact on the validity and reliability of the information.  How your data changes over time will be a good indicator of trends, such as what may have improved or deteriorated over time as well as be an indicator of cause and effect relationships between key indicators  eg.  data over time may indicate staff retention linked to improved job satisfaction


Data that is both valid and reliable regarding staff retention and employee turnover will be determinants for future HRM strategies an organisation implements.  

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