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HR starts at the top

Organisations often hire key people to handle their human resources affairs, functions and processes and to make sure these run smoothly. However it is important from onset and prior to hiring, for Management to decide whether the person sitting in that role will have the autonomy to make key decisions. If you are hiring an HR employee, what is your aim in doing so? Will they have any decision making powers in matters such as HR strategy, organisational structure, role reviews, performance management techniques, or will the role purely play a support function, such as administer employment contracts, HR paperwork and inductions?

Usually the aim behind the hiring of an HR employee reflects Management's view of HR, their acceptance and belief that human resources functions and initiatives can bring a positive contribution to the organisation. Whether an organisation is small, medium or large, Management's acceptance, support, belief and committment that human resources is an important and key function will make a significant impact and difference to the successful integration and implementation of any human resources initiatives.

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