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The HR Audit Approach to review HR effectiveness and identify HR gaps


Tools include :  


  • Reporting from HRIS systems and comparing trends over time

  • Specific KPI indicators

  • Customer and Key Stakeholder Satisfaction Results


Variables :  Can be both qualitiative and quantitative




  • Human Resources (staffing)

  • Indusrial Relations

  • Performance Management

  • Compensation

  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity

  • Learning and Development 

  • WHS

  • Succession Planning




  • Staff turnover

  • Abseenteeism Rate

  • Ratio capita revenue to capita cost

  • Net Income per employee, ROI



The Analytical Approach


1)  The determination of an HR Program/Practice having achieved its intended effect

2)  Estimating Financial costs and benefits of HR Program/Practice


Requries Cost Benefit Analysis, HR Accounting, ROI measurement, Human Capital Management techniques







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