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You will utilise the Job Analysis process for understanding a newly created position or  to reassess a current role (Job Re-design).  Human Resources in conjunction with Line Managers and Supervisors need to discuss the specific requirements of a position to understand how it will be a stepping stone to the achievement of the organisation's strategic and operational objectives.


A crucial error many organisations make is to hire staff on an old job description without having revised if its tasks and responsibilities are still relevant to the current direction the organisation or the department is heading. 


Job Descriptions should be living documents that are updated periodically and reviewed every 6 months to 1 year.  Job Design and Analysis will assist you with this task and ensure your staff are always undertaking the tasks and activities they need to ensure relevance, priority, efficiency and currency is applied.  Note that any fundamental changes to a Job Description or tasks and responsibilities for a currently filled position, should be undertaken equitably and in consensus and consideration by the employee(s) involved.


Essential compenents of Job Analysis may include:


  • Work flow

  • Communication

  • Reporting Relationships

  • Outputs/Inputs of Product/Service

  • Technologies/Equipment

  • Specific tasks required

  • Specific knowledge required

  • Priorities/Essential functions

  • Legislative/Regulatory requirments



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