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Judgemental errors can occur during the Recruitment process which can lead to a range of risks including:


  • discriminating against candidate based on demographic characteristics (race, gender, background, attitudes, beliefs, etc.)

  • jumping to conclusions about a candidate because of 'similar to us' or 'not similar to us' as a fit for your company culture


Reduce Error Rate by:


  • Ensuring the recruiter is well trained in all legal aspects of recruitment and selection in relation to discrimination and equal opportunity

  • Ensuring any decisions are based on merit of skills, knowledge and work experience as per the requirements in the job description

  • Ensuring the interview questions are not too generic, risking validity and include specific questions related to the role characteristics

  • Ensuring additional selection methods are considered after the initial interview (see below for examples)

  • Ensuring chances of validity and reliablity are increased by selecting 'appropriate to the role' selection methods (eg. 2nd interview, psychometric/physical/cognitive/personality testing, work samples, etc.)


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