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Techniques to improve cognitive, physical and emotional employee engagement :


Aim to provide:


  • regular communication and feedback

  • clear expectations of employee's job tasks, responsiblities, reporting relationships and standards expected

  • a positive working culture that embraces equal opportunity, diversity and worklife balance

  • opportunities for employees to work both independently and in teams

  • opportunities for employees to exchange regular feedback, opinions and views regarding improvement of job tasks

  • a safe working environment where employees feel they are not at risk

  • human resources policies and procedures that are accessible, clear and easy to understand

  • opportunities to challenge and stretch employees

  • opportunities for employees to learn

  • opportunities for employees to problem solve

  • provisions to reward employees for achievement

  • opportunities for employees to be included in social activities

  • opportunities for employees to set their own personal work goals that are aligned with the organisations expectations



Symptoms of Employee Disengagement include:


  • A lack of motivation

  • Increased number of sick days

  • Stress

  • Mood swings

  • Disinterest in organisational activities, job tasks, team interaction

  • Low levels of productivity

  • Stagnation in their work tasks

  • Higher levels of workplace health and safety incidents

  • Grievances and/or dispute oriented

  • Uncooperative









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