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Employee Development via Career Management is a proactive and contemporary approach to Staff Retention.  The major benefits include:
  • Can link directly with organisation succession planning providing opportunities for staff to move sidewards and upwards in the corporate ladder
  • Can ensure you have staff with the right skill sets to undertake current task objectives efficiently and effectively
  • Can ensure you have staff that will be proactive to undertake key projects efficiently and effectively
  • Can aid staff motivation and job satisfaction levels 
  • Can assist to retain talent within the organisation
  • Can positively influence corporate branding and competitive advantage in the market place
  • Provides a win-win for both the organisation and the employee and provide positive long term implications
  • Can form part of an internal leadership program
  • Can be linked to your performance management and appraisal system
  • Can be directly linked to employee learning and development focusing on specific goals, KPI's and/or project objectives
  • Can aid an organisation to become an 'employer of choice'
  • Can positively impact on an organisation's 'TQM - Total Quality Management' efforts
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