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The aim of coaching or mentoring staff is to broaden learning, to lead by example and provide them with opportunities to have first hand experience into the the approach, methods, skills and competencies required to undertake particular tasks.  The facilitation and delivery of coaching or mentoring should be specific and defined in order to add value to efforts. Coaching or Mentoring can be provided to staff as part of a formal staff retention program or informally, however the aims are similar -  to engage, motivate and develop staff.  



Coaching : 


Usually one on one, is skills/task specific and can be instructional and/or procedural.  Provided by a Manager, coaching requires reinforcement, feedback and is most effective when goals, expectations, specifics  and timelines are outlined.  



Mentoring :


Usually one on one, the mentor/protege relationship can be informal and provided by a Senior more experienced employee.  It is more behavioural in relation to providing emotional support, providing stability to the protege based on the workplace situation.  There is a element of flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the protege and can provide both career and psychological support. 

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